DNA Testing for Medication Appropriateness

1.5 million Americans are hospitalized each year due to preventable adverse reactions to prescription drugs, and 100,000 die each year because of these reactions.

DNA testing, also called pharmacogenetic testing, provides your doctor with the information needed to ensure that your medications are tailored specifically to you and are not a risk to your health. This test is especially important for seniors, who may be taken several medications at once.

To conduct the test, a member of our staff will swab the inside of your cheek with a cotton swab. This DNA sample will be sent to a laboratory for testing. Once completed, our office will receive a copy of your genetic profile which can be used to:

  • Determine if the medications that you’re taking are right for your type of metabolism
  • Prevent harmful medication side effects
  • Prevent adverse drug interactions
  • Minimize your risk of overdose

Your test results will be shared with you at our office, and you’ll receive a copy to give to your primary care provider. There is no cost to you for the test, but you will be charged for each office visit.

This service is currently only available at our Middletown office.

Benefits of Pharmacogenetics